Water is back in demand! There are so many kinds of water in the market today that most consumers get confused on what to buy and what to drink. Which one is best for you? The answer is simple. You already have all the water you need in your home! Water from your tap is an excellent and inexpensive source of your daily water needs!

Over the years more and more people relied on bottled water for their daily water consumption. This is because it’s easy and convenient to just grab a bottle and go. It took time for people to realize that bottled water is expensive. In some places, a bottle of water costs at least $2 for 16 oz. That’s an expensive habit! In fact, studies show that some commercial bottled water is really just tap water from a municipal source. It’s just packaged to look special! Plus, all those plastic water bottles are hard to recycle, filling landfills with millions of empty bottles every year.

Enjoy your water by using fruits and herbs to give it flavor. All you need is a water bottle infuser that allows you to add any combination of fruits and herbs to create your very own special blend of water. Start with a water bottle infuser that’s safe. Our 20 oz flip top lid, Tritan Infuser Bottle is FDA compliant and is made with BPA free plastic. The bottle is made of hard, durable plastic, so it’s leak proof and dishwasher safe. At 20 oz, it’s also sized just right, so it’s never too heavy to slip in your bag on your way to work, school, gym or the playground with the kids.

Woman measuring her slim body isolated on whiteWith your water bottle infuser, water will never be boring again. You can create many blends of infused water, just keep them refrigerated, ready whenever you are. Try slices of citrus fruits like orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lime and lemon. Add a sliver of fresh ginger to give you instant energy. Add herbs to your infused water to help you relax and calm down. On a hot summer day, fruit infused water flavored with sliced peaches, watermelon, pineapple and cantaloupe is a healthy alternative to calorie-heavy ice cream. Make healthy choices by drinking water instead of soda or artificially sweetened teas and fruit juices.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start drinking more water:

  1.  Drink water to replace the fluids you lose through daily activities. You do not have to be overly active to lose water. Water loss occurs because it evaporates from the body through the skin and through excretion. When your water intake is less than your fluid output, dehydration occurs. Fight dehydration with at least 8 glasses of water daily. If you have your water bottle in the refrigerator ready with your infused water, drinking water becomes easy. Grab a bottle and go. You can always make more to have one ready any time.
  2. Water helps you with your weight loss regimen. It’s true. If you drink water before and during meals, your brain is tricked into feeling full. When accompanied with water, foods take longer to absorb, making you feel fuller longer. Try lemon water or citrus flavored water at mealtimes. This will help you feel full faster. Water also speeds up metabolism, and when you’re trying to lose weight, that’s what you need!
  3. Look younger the easy way. Yes, water and good hydration will help you look younger. Well moisturized skin looks dewy and young looking. Drinking water will add moisture to the skin, while dehydration will make your skin look wrinkled, dry and patchy. Who wants to look like that when drinking water is so simple and so easy? Try making fruit infused water flavored with a slice of ginger. The antioxidants in them will help you stay healthy while helping you look your best.
  4. Keep your muscle toned by drinking water. When you’re exercising, water will help lubricate muscles to prevent cramping. Improved muscle tone has been associated with a well hydrated body. As you exert and sweat, replace water loss by drinking water. For energy, try lemon and mint infused water. The zing will instantly refresh your tired body!
  5. Fight stress with water! The brain needs water to function well. The stress hormone cortisol is produced when the body is dehydrated. But it’s not just cortisol you should worry about. When you’re stressed, your heart rate tends to go up and you’re breathing heavier than normal. This combination leads to dehydration which leads to more stress. Fight stress by drinking more water. Help your body relax by drinking the best infused water flavored with slices of orange and apple. Your body will love you for it!