What is a water bottle infuser?

A water bottle infuser is a water bottle with a built-in basket for fruits and herbs. The basket acts as a holder for your cut-up fruits. The infused water is flavored by whatever fruits or herbs you add. So water is never boring anymore!


What are the benefits of having a water bottle infuser?

Some people find water boring. Water is inherently tasteless, odorless and colorless. To encourage people to drink more water, there are many commercial/bottled water in the market today that have added flavors. In most cases, sugar has been added. Plus, they tend to be more expensive than plain bottled water. If you make your own infused water, you not only save money, but you can have hundreds of flavors of fruit infused water available to you!

What is it made of?

Our 20 oz water bottle infuser is made of Tritan plastic which makes it hard, durable and unbreakable. Unlike glass, it can withstand being dropped on the floor or being knocked around by little kids. It is also made of BPA free plastic, so it’s safe for food. It is FDA compliant. It is also made in the USA.


What colors does it come in?

We are happy to offer our water bottle infusers in 3 colors, and all come with individual coolies/cozies to keep the water cold:

  • Clear bottle with blue flip top lid, blue infuser basket and blue coolie with carabiner clip
  • Clear bottle with purple flip top lid, purple infuser basket and purple coolie
  • Clear bottle with green flip top lid, green infuser basket and green coolie


Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes! Our water bottle infuser is dishwasher safe. The bottle itself has 4 parts: the bottle, the basket, the basket cover/strainer, the flip top lid. It also comes with a free coolie to help keep your water cold.


What is the best way to infuse water?

Remove the basket and fill it with whatever fruits you want to try. Start with slices of lemons and other citrus fruits. Add slices of sweet fruit like peaches or mangoes. Once you have your fruit in the basket, drop it into the bottle. The lip of the basket is big enough for the mouth of the bottle. Add cold water. Replace the basket cover/strainer. Screw on the flip top lid. It’s that simple. If you leave the water bottle infuser in the fridge overnight, the stronger the fruit flavor will be. If you prefer light flavors, then 30 minutes to an hour is enough. On the other hand, if you want your infused water to have intense flavor, leave in the fridge for a few hours up to overnight.


What else can you add besides cut up fruits?

The best combination will be citrus, tart fruits, sweet fruits with a hint of spice or herbs. So fruits, herbs and spices are ideal. Mix and match. Experiment. There is no right nor wrong. Cold watermelon water is specially refreshing during summer. While cold lemon infused water can jumpstart your metabolism and digestion.


Why is it important to drink water?

Water is needed to keep the body hydrated. Water is needed for normal bodily functions. Eight glasses of water daily is recommended by health professionals. The more water you drink, the better for your health.


Is  fruit infused water better than energy drinks?

Absolutely! Fruit infused water is all-natural. There is no added sugar and no added caffeine like diet sodas, bottled iced tea or the so-called energy drinks. Keep it natural. Drink fruit infused water instead.