Finally, A Way for You to Easily Make Your Water Delicious and Nutrient Packed!

Would you like to limit the amount of soda and cut down on sugary filled drinks?

If you answered, yes, then try fruit infused water instead, as it’s a great alternative. And, in case you didn’t know, the process is really straightforward and can be quickly and easily prepared.

More importantly?

It’s an extremely healthy option.

You can get started with this by getting an all-new Suzies Picks Infuser Water Bottle right here and right now. Unlike other water bottles on the market, ours was created with everything in mind. BPA free, large fruit container, and nice drinking spout for maximum flavor.

We did all of that because we care about making our customers happy.

Suzies Picks’ Flavor Infuser holds a generous amount of ounces as well. So, you don’t have to refill nearly as often as you’d think. It also has a convenient leak-proof flip top lid.

Comes with its own insulated koozie, too!

Our premium infuser water bottle is made of high quality, eco-friendly, shatterproof, BPA free Tritan material. Simply add fruit to the infuser and drink away. This is a healthy option for you to hydrate and detox your body, that’s safe, for both you, and the environment.

Try the many exciting and unlimited possibilities of fruit and vegetable flavors!

Now, this product of ours can also be used as just a water bottle when the basket is removed. All you have to do is put the basket back in and use as a shaker bottle.

Pour your powders or liquids and shake it to sift thru the basket. This will allow it to quickly break down into the water.

To use as a fruit infuser water bottle, however, you just cut up your desired fruit or vegetables and add them inside or outside the infusion basket which keeps the fruit in the bottle.

How long should you infuse the water with this bottle?

Probably around 1-2 hours at room temperature. Or in the fridge for 4 hours to get a more potent type of flavor. And to make it look super colorful. But if you want something more tangy then you should try infusing your fruit overnight (or up to 12 hours max).

Be sure to remove the fruits from the water after 5 hours or so. Why, you ask? Because removing the infused fruits from the water will prevent the fruit from decomposing. You definitely want to avoid potentially creating yucky or bitter flavors.

Here are some of the many benefits of using our product:

– Practical and sleek design
– Durable and sustainable
– Eco friendly and shatterproof Tritan plastic
– Completely spill and leak proof
– Effortless to sip from
– Fits many sized drink holders with ease
– Convenient for busy individuals
– Nontoxic and BPA free for better protection
– Flexible (remove infuser basket or keep it in)
– 100% satisfaction guarantee

And much more!

There are many benefits of using our product in order to feel better and to get healthier. You see, unlike commercial fruit juices that you may have bought at your local grocery outlet, infused waters are not pasteurized or filled with preservatives. In fact, the infused waters you make with our product are meant to be consumed fresh with bright colored fruits.

Generally, citrus fruits such as lemons will last longer in your infused water than other alternatives. A lemon infused water is by far the easiest and most refreshing to make simply because lemons are a natural slimming aid. And they cleanse the liver, too.

Lemons release their flavor immediately which tastes great.

But you can use whichever ones you prefer…

Just add fresh fruit to your new Suzies Picks Water Bottle for an instantly healthy, refreshing and tasty drink. Cut cravings for sugary soda and enjoy your naturally infused water today.

You get a free koozie with each bottle. Plus, a free recipe guide as well. Keep your water cool and delicious. And mix and match different types of fruits and vegetables with these bonuses.

All of this makes for an excellent gift!

Our water bottle infuser is backed by our 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. So, you can buy with full confidence. Simply act now to get yours delivered straight to your door.